About Me

Hello and greetings fellow adventurers and fly fishers! I thought this would probably be a good time to give you a rundown on why I’ve started this blog and who I am. So, I’m a Geelong based, qualified Exercise & Sport Scientist, and am currently working as a gym instructor in a local gym. Some of my other hobbies include drumming and music, writing, camping, reading books, traveling, and of course, fly fishing. I was brought up in an outdoorsy family, so fishing, hiking and camping were all common activities growing up. Despite my upbringing with fishing, I began to lose interest in my late teens. All until I discovered this mysterious, ‘old man’ sport of fly fishing. I’d heard about fly fishing before and had a vague idea of what it entailed but my perception was that young people don’t fly fish… it’s an old man sport! That may be the case to some extent, it’s definitely a benefit to have youth on your side, especially when your walking long distances, clambering over boulders, wading slippery rivers, clambering up banks, and climbing over fallen trees. Within the first few months of research, my interest was well and truly sparked, and it didn’t take long until I was hooked – pardon the pun.

I started learning the art when I was 16 years old. I’m now 22 and feel like I’ve just scratched the surface! Part of the appeal of fly fishing is that no matter how experienced you are, or how skilled you think you are, you probably still have things to learn or at least skills to refine. With the limited years of experience that I have, my goal is to share the stories and experiences of my own trips and continue to learn as I share my journey with you all. So, I’ve now been to New Zealand three times – once to the North Island and twice to the South Island. If you’re keen to check out some details on my trips, head over to the home blog page so you can check out what I got up to. These trips have given me some severe wanderlust, and what I would like to term, ‘Wander-Cast’ – the burning desire to explore renowned and not-so-renowned fly fishing destinations, landscapes, and cultures. In my Wander-Cast research I’ve come up with multiple species and destinations that I’ll be seeking to visit soon. Some on the top of this list include; stalking bonefish on the tropical flats of Christmas Island, chasing the variety of salmon species in the Canadian wilderness, hunting golden dorado in the jungle of South America, and landing a double figure trout in the untouched backcountry of New Zealand. So, if you wish to join me on my journeys over then next few years, please stay tuned with this blog. There will definitely be some great stories, and hopefully some fascinating insight to the destinations I visit and the waters that I fish.

In addition to the plethora of fly fishing related posts you’ll be able to explore, I’ll also be indulging one of my other passions, which is travel. This is an awesome pairing of interests if you ask me. Fly fishing has the ability to take you to jaw-dropping landscapes that you wouldn’t get to with traditional ‘travel agent’ holidays. You’ll also meet some legendary people along the way, and experience culture in a way that is unique to the smaller, less touristy towns you wouldn’t typically visit. In my recent reading of Vagabonding by Rolf Potts, there was a certain concept that stood out to me. Rolf emphasized that long term travel should be an outlet to facilitate a powerful shift in how you view and act in your everyday life. Your trip shouldn’t be an escape from reality but rather, your life leading up to the trip should be transformed to exhibit certain qualities such as; open mindedness and awareness of everyday moments. My favourite quote from the book reads, “the beauty of travel is being able to come back from exotic destinations to see your own land with a new perspective”. So, for the travel side of this blog, expect to see city reviews, travel ideas and itineraries, packing and preparation tips, memoirs, and anything I feel inspired to blog about in my travels.

My number one goal for writing in the blog is to feed your Wander-Cast! Even if your working for the next year straight with no intention of travelling, you can still read through some of my experiences and let your thoughts wander to distant, exotic lands which will hopefully brighten up your day just that little bit! I’m looking forward to sharing my experiences with you all!