On the Ovens In April – Part 1

It didn’t take long to spot the first rising fish which was up in a run just in front of the bridge we entered at. I was on the river with my brother in law – Dan – who was still learning the ropes. I decided to take this cast as there were some obstacles overhead, in front, and behind to navigate – that seems to be the case for plenty of Aussie rivers. I put a couple casts up towards the sporadically rising fish but both casts were about half a meter short – give me a break, my radar hadn’t quite switched on yet!


Two Brothers, a Nissan Sunny & Pristine NZ Rivers – Part 2 – Upukerora River

We advanced beyond the bridge to where the river forked in two. Nat made his way up the left fork and I prospected the right side. As I cast my way upstream, I saw a boulder that was half submerged and would have provided slack water for a big lazy trout, looking for an easy meal.