Where it all began.

It was about mid April of 2011 and my folks thought we should go away for a few nights of camping near the Goulburn river in Victoria for my first practice on the water. The river was flowing a bit higher then usual but it didn’t deter me from giving it my best. I won’t lie, it was a challenging and frustrating trip. My dad and I spotted numerous fish but came up empty handed at the end of the trip. Looking back on it, the reason no fish were landed was mostly due to inexperience on rivers. Rigs that weren’t 100% right (depth wise), sloppy casting, and probably not getting my fly in the right spot a lot of the time. It was a great time nonetheless. I still have a vivid memory, of waking up in my tent on my birthday – which happened to be whilst we were away – unzipping my tent to be greeted by the banks of the Goulburn river with the sun rising and fog slowly dissipating up from the river into the sky. It was incredible and one of my favourite birthdays!