Why is fly fishing so addictive?

Why do we continue to fly fish despite the effort, planning and money that is required to make a trip happen? Why not just go camping, or to a hotel or to a beach? Well… I’m glad you asked! I’d argue that there are few primitive experiences that are lacking in our modernized, motorized, materialized, sanitized and scheduled lives that can be fulfilled through fly fishing.


On the Ovens In April – Part 1

It didn’t take long to spot the first rising fish which was up in a run just in front of the bridge we entered at. I was on the river with my brother in law – Dan – who was still learning the ropes. I decided to take this cast as there were some obstacles overhead, in front, and behind to navigate – that seems to be the case for plenty of Aussie rivers. I put a couple casts up towards the sporadically rising fish but both casts were about half a meter short – give me a break, my radar hadn’t quite switched on yet!