Two Brothers, a Nissan Sunny & Pristine NZ Rivers โ€“ Part 2 โ€“ Upukerora River

We advanced beyond the bridge to where the river forked in two. Nat made his way up the left fork and I prospected the right side. As I cast my way upstream, I saw a boulder that was half submerged and would have provided slack water for a big lazy trout, looking for an easy meal.


Two Bro’s, a Nissan Sunny & Pristine NZ Rivers – Part 1 – Whitestone

Being beckoned only by what we saw, read, and watched about New Zealand fly fishing โ€“ we began to construct an idealist picture of what our trip would pan out like. Blue bird skies, a puff of wind at our backs allowing some extra casting distance, and maybeโ€ฆ just maybe, a spotted, glistening double figure brown each – amongst many other fish landed of course.